Course Advisory Committee

A Course Advisory Committee is commissioned by the Academic Board to contribute advice and expertise to the initial development of a course and to support the ongoing review and monitoring of that course.

A Course Advisory Committee assists in identifying need and demand for a course and to assist academic staff with industry and content specific advice and guidance in the development of IBIBS courses.

Course development is grounded in an educational philosophy that emphasises the centrality of the learner within the learning process and which supports the personal and professional development of each student to foster innovation, critical thinking, and ethical and professional practice.  IBIBS’s courses are structured to enable students to expand their professional interests across a range of related disciplines and enhance their future employment prospects.

Course Design, Development and Evaluation Policy and Procedure.

To ensure quality in course design and content, courses are developed in consultation with a Course Advisory Committee which is comprised of members drawn from individuals with links to professional bodies, peak industry associations and employer groups; academic staff from other higher education providers; academic staff of IBIBS; and graduates and current students of IBIBS.


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