Regulatory Risk Framework

AIBA Regulatory Risk Framework (RRF)

The AIBA Regulatory Risk Framework released in March 2014 identifies the Regulators Regulatory Risk Indicators. Formerly titled the Regulatory Risk Framework, AIBA's Risk Assessment Framework was informed by sector consultation conducted in late 2013 and TEQSA's own experience of the first cycle of risk assessments.

The Risk Assessment Framework outlines AIBA's approach to undertaking structured risk assessments of registered higher education providers. Risk assessments play a key role in AIBA's risk-based regulation of the sector by helping to prioritise AIBA's regulatory focus.

The Risk Assessment Framework plays a key role in AIBA’s risk-based approach to assuring higher education standards. The Framework outlines the key steps and components of the risk assessments we undertake of higher education providers annually. The Framework:

  • Strengthens the protection of students’ interests and the sector’s reputation by monitoring key aspects of providers’ operations during registration periods.
  • Reduces burden by using risk assessments to inform a differentiated approach to evidence and reporting requirements in assessment processes, such as renewal of registration.
  • Supports AIBA case managers and providers to engage in early discussion about emergent issues prior to any scheduled assessment process.
  • Supports quality improvement activities through the sharing of information with providers about potential risks and good practices in the sector.

The Risk Assessment Framework document is available below.


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