Why Apply?

It took me 7 years of full time study at university to complete my commerce degree and law degree. After I finished I thought I knew it all, that university had prepared me to take on the world. Unfortunately, I quickly discovered this was far from the truth. I realised I had no real commercial skills. So unless someone gave me a job my career opportunities would not be maximised.

After 7 years at university I did not even know how to :

  • create value for an employer
  • start a business
  • negotiate
  • protect my ideas
  • build a business
  • draft or understand a confidentiality agreement
  • draft terms and conditions of a contract
  • how to sign a contract correctly
  • Takeover a business
  • conduct due diligence
  • Raise capital
  • List a business on the Stock Exchange 

I was disillusioned and quickly discovered that unless an employer was prepared to take a risk on me and give me a job I was in trouble. Even if I did get a job I needed to be lucky enough to find a boss that would teach me all of these skills to get ahead.

Not much has changed at most Universities since my experience more than 25 years ago.  

Our Bachelor of Investment Banking degree was created to maximise your career potential. Don’t hope that Universities have the solution, in fact most graduates from even the leading institutions are not securing the job they desire or a job at all.

If you want real transactional skills to deliver strategic advice and your first job in the industry, come and talk to IBIBS.


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